Mission Statement

The RIITE Roundabout Task Force acts as a forum for professionals in the transportation industry with experience in the planning, design, and implementation of roundabouts to discuss the state of current practice. The task force consists of professionals from the public sector (transportation agencies) and private sector (design consultants).

The task force will undertake the following efforts:

  1. Track the status of roundabout implementation in Rhode Island: planned roundabouts, roundabouts currently under design, roundabouts in construction, and installed roundabouts. Discuss lessons learned by task force members from design and installation of roundabouts in Rhode Island, and neighboring states.
  2. Discuss innovative practices related to roundabout design and implementation (such as geometric design, lighting, signage, pavement markings, and pedestrian (ADA)/bicycle access, etc.). Members of the task force will relay knowledge / information gained from attendance of training seminars and national / regional conferences related to roundabouts.
  3. Provide recommendations to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) related to the inclusion of information in its manuals and guidelines to standardize roundabout analysis and design in Rhode Island. Provide specific recommendations on roundabout signage and pavement markings for inclusion in RIDOT’s Traffic Design Manual.
  4. Prepare informational and outreach materials intended for decision / policy makers at the municipal level and citizens to promote the benefits of roundabouts in terms of safety and traffic flow. Also prepare materials for use by designers to help facilitate public acceptance of specific roundabout projects at public meetings and hearings. Materials will also educate citizens about roundabouts and how to use them. Materials may be targeted at specific groups, such as vision-impaired pedestrians and bicyclists. The materials will be delivered electronically on RIITE’s website.
  5. Support RIITE’s ongoing effort to provide training for its members by recommending webinars and training topics related to roundabouts. Depending on the availability of webinars, training seminars may be conducted by members of the task force.
  6. Act as a resource to design consultants or municipalities. The intent is to provide general information, and to address specific questions related to capacity analysis, design, construction, and operation. Additionally, the task force can guide municipalities / design consultants towards out-of-state resources.